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Aiken Challenge Series

Daily Agenda During the Circuit

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Check back for Circuit Standings for the 2019 Aiken Challenge Series
Circuit Champions will be awarded at the conclusion of divisions at March Madness II!

Offering Circuit Champion Awards in All Divisions!

2019 Show Dates

Aiken Winter Classic I & II

January 3-6 & January 10-13
Prize List *** REVISED SCHEDULE FOR WEEK 2 - JANUARY 10-13 *** Schedule Entry Form Wk 1 Entry Form Wk 2

Cupid Classic & Carolina Classic

February 7-10 & February 14-17
Prize List *DRAFT* REVISED Schedule 2-5-19 Entry Form Wk 1 Entry Form Wk 2

March Madness I & II

February 28 - March 3 & March 7-10
Prize List *DRAFT* REVISED Schedule 2-25-19 Entry Form Wk 1 Entry Form Wk 2


Recommended Aiken Hotels

We recommend these hotels that support our shows! Call early for reservations and ask for the horse show rate!

Aiken Host Hotels

The Inn at Houndslake
897 Houndslake Dr
Aiken, SC 29803
(803) 648-9535 (Pet Friendly)


Magnolia Shadows
Equestrian Resort Bed & Breakfast
595 Engineer Road
Ridge Spring, Aiken County
SC 29129
(803) 522-1226

Aiken Contributing Hotels

Hotel Aiken
(803) 648-4265

Days Inn Downtown
(803) 649-5524 (Pet Friendly)

Clarion Inn
(803) 648-0999 (Pet Friendly)

Quality Inn & Suites
(803) 641-1100 (Pet Friendly)

Aiken Challenge Series Circuit Champion History

Junior 3’6” Hunter
2012-Echo, Kacie Fogg
2013-Casallo, Erin McGuire
2014-Lion's Share, Cecilia D'Amore
2015-Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms
2016-Rio Oro, Andrea Guzinski
2017-Nightfall, Helen Ulrich
2018-Cake Walk, Lily Hiller

Junior 3’3” Hunter
2015-Ledger, Avery Lynch
2016-Select, Katherine Orrell

2017-Toulouse, Caroline Holland
2018-Wahoowa, Katherine Smith
Amateur 3'6" Hunter (18-35)
2012-O.C., Kaitlin Porath/Meadow Hill Stables
2013-Magic Carpet, Susie Clarke
2017-Carabello, Rosie Powers
2018-Carabello, Rosie Powers
Amateur 3'6" Hunter (36+)
2012-O.C., Kaitlin Porath/Meadow Hill Stables
2013-Magic Carpet, Susie Clarke
2014-Sail On, Kimberley Quinn
2015-Sail On, Kimberley Quinn
2016-Sail On, Kimberley Quinn
2017-Carabello, Rosie Powers
2018-Carabello, Rosie Powers

Amateur 3’3” Hunter
2016-Sigh, Leslie Wheat
2017-Lover Boy, Claudia Pollex
2018-End Game, Christina Fox
Children’s Hunter
2012-Cool Music, Megan Rosenthal
2013-Shakespeare in Love, Emily Alvarez
2014-Honor Council, Nancy Wilson
2015-Bewitched, Nolan Thompson
2016-Limited Edition, Sheridan Johnson
2017-Internet II, Celia Cram
2018-Rio Oro, Andrea Guzinski, Davenport Hatcher

Adult Amateur Hunter (18-35)
2012-Revilo, Christen Sherrod
2013-Prime Time, Taylor Shearin
2014-Chechessee Circle, Joan Alberti
2015-Emmett, Kelly Seger
2016-Wakefield, Rachel Bethea
2017-Ferragamo's Feature, Madison Johnson
2018-Insight, Andrea Guzinski, Katie Van Kleek

Adult Amateur Hunter (36+)
2017-Saratoga, Zan Martin
2018-Check The Label, Judy Story

Green Hunter (1st & 2nd Year)
2013-Signal Hill, Thomas Visconsi
2014-Limited Edition, Frances Porter
2015-Enticement, Charlotte Warren
2016-Little Manhatten, Fairy Tale Farms
2017-Casanova, Robert Stuckey
2018-Crossroads, Nancy Merritt, Joy Janouskovec

High Performance Hunter
2013-Blackmail, Brittany Davis
2014-Signal Hill, Thomas Visconsi
2015-Signal Hill, Thomas Visconsi
2017-End Game, Christina Fox

Performance Hunter (3'3" & 3'6")
2016-Ledger, Five Henry Stables
2017-End Game, Christina Fox
2018-Sigh, Leslie Wheat, Bruce Christison

Junior/Amateur Jumper (Low & Medium)
2013-Cedric, Susie Clarke
2014-Forever Blue, Cathleen Driscoll
2015-Contango, Madison Wedderspoon
2017-Equidor, Rodney Harkey & Top Gun, Susie Clarke
2018-Top Gun, Susie Clarke

High Child/Adult Jumper
2012-Lorenzo HB & Hunter Kay
2013-Kipteen, Caroline Williamson
2014-Aurora, Crawford Anderson
2015-Cora, Christina Couper
2016-Toffypops, Susie Clarke
2017-Toffypops, Susie Clarke
2018-Carignan, Sarah Thompson

Low Child/Adult Jumper
2013-Hidden Creeks Tamale, Hallie Anderson
2014-HJ Danubio, Beth Shepherd
2015-Quality Czechque, Taylor Toth
2016-Elbo VDL, Angela Pollex
2017-Evieta, Mary Guynn
2018-Toffypops, Susie Clarke

Green Pony Hunter (Sm-Med)
2012-Brighton Adamantly & Megan Rosenthal/Briar Field Farm
2013-Arkady, Madison Meek
2014-Captain America, Grace Angelino
2015-Finest Feather By Far, Katrina Hutto, Gigi Manigault
2016-Foxmor Wigglesworth, GC Ponies
2017-May-B Tango, Amber Asbell-Jackson
2018-Miss Money Penny, Amelia Turner

Green Pony Hunter (Large)
2017-Ollie Oop, Katherine Smith
2018-Prada, Sarah Rabb

Pony Hunter (Sm-Med)
2012-Tantallon Co-Captain & Cecilia D’Amore
2013-Orchard Hills Fine By Me, Zoe Phillips
2014-Elegance, GC Ponies
2015-Foxmor Starstruck, Dawson Amick
2016-Rosmel's Sun Fairy, GC Ponies
2017-Dipped In Chocolate, Elizabeth Cram
2018-Copacabana, Horse Show Leases, Alana Duffy

Pony Hunter (Large)
2017-Foxmor Starstruck, Dawson Amick
2018-Just My Style, Davenport Hatcher

Pre-Green Hunter (3' & 3'3")
2013-Rainbow Row, Madison Golinski
2014-Rose Gold, Oak Ledge Farm
2015-Sigh, Leslie Wheat
2016-Czechmate, Charlotte Black
2017-En Tune, Christina Fox
2018-Cher Z, Martin Videla

Pre-Child/Adult Hunter
2013-Rigo Barcardi, Virginia Barnette
2014-Silent Movie, Carolyn Donahue
2015-Renoir Z, Allison Mills
2016-Internet II, Celia Cram

Short/Long Stirrup Hunter
2017-Golden Opportunity, Grace Truluck
2018-Lion's Share, Judy Porter

Hunter Breeding
2014-Ricochet, Westwood Farms
2015-Apua Point, Chase Meadows Farm
2017-Royal Affair, Missy Jo Hollingsworth


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